A small baby with a shiny, jet black coat and nifty partial collar with a black highlight, Max is a real cutie. We expect him to stay under 10 lbs., with a range of probably 6-9 lbs.  He also has hot copper highlights with a white blaze and toes; expected to have one true blue eye and one marbled blue/brown like Midas, his dad.  Max is AVAILABLE and will be ready to go on or after Christmas Eve! Pictured at 4 weeks 1 day of age on December 11.

Collins - Red Merle Male - AVAILABLE - $1500

Collins is the pick of his litter, with outstanding pattern, flashy copper highlights around his face and along his legs, and correctly placed white trim, including a full white collar.  He is a drop dead gorgeous little guy, expected to have blue eyes and mature at 10-14 lbs as a medium-large toy. Collins is AVAILABLE and will be ready to go on or after December 20, just in time for Christmas. Pictured at 4 weeks 5 days of age on December 11.

Maylee - Blue Merle Female - RESERVED for June

Toy Australian Shepherds Are HERE!

 Five puppies AVAILABLE; red merles and red and black tricolors! Pics updated Dec. 11; new pics coming Dec. 18.

ALL puppy prices include tail docking and dewclaw removal by a veterinarian, thorough deworming, age-appropriate shots (including distemper, adenovirus, parvovirus and parainfluenza protection) with proof of vaccination, full ASDR registration, and a new blanket. ALL puppies are guaranteed unaffected by any congenital deafness and vision-related problems including Cone Degeneration (CD), Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA), Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA-prcd), Canine Multifocal Retinopathy Type 1 (CMR1), Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) and Hereditary Cataracts (HC).  Puppies from some pairings may be carriers of MDR1 and this does NOT affect their health.  ALL puppies are raised completely INSIDE the house; all our adults are kept INSIDE the house. 

CALL us at 850-623-6228 and leave a message if you are seriously interested in a puppy.

We do NOT hold babies without a nonrefundable $300 deposit!  Please do not send us a deposit

if you are in any way ambivalent about purchasing a baby from us!

Use this secure link to make a deposit via Paypal on any available puppy.

Provo - TINY Red Tri Male - AVAILABLE - $Price PENDING

Roland - Red Merle Male - AVAILABLE - $1200

This lovely classically-marked blue merle girl has all the right markings, with plenty of merling, copper, and correct white trim. She is expected to keep her blue eyes and stay around 10 lbs. at maturity. Maylee is RESERVED. Pictured at 12 days of age on November 24. 

This guy is GORGEOUS! Roland's body coat primarily features the bright, light red salmon hue without lots of merling, but the tone is very saturated and the effect is superb. His copper is spectacular and is really going to set off his true blue eyes. His face looks as though it has a gold foil overlay.  Correctly marked, he is expected to be around 10-14 lbs at maturity, a medium-large toy. Roland is AVAILABLE and will be ready to go after December 20. Pictured at 4 weeks 5 days of age on December 11. 

The smallest puppy in his litter by far, Provo is a dark red tri with modest white trim and deep copper highlights. Correctly marked and expected to be 7-9 lbs at maturity. Provo is AVAILABLE and will be ready to go after December 20. Pictured at 4 weeks 5 days of age on December 11. His price is pending until December 18 when his adult eye color will be more accurately determinable. Stay tuned!

Max - TINY Blue eyed black tri Male - AVAILABLE - $1200