Holding deposits of $300 are necessary for you to reserve an available animal.  This deposit is nonrefundable or transferrable unless you are placing a deposit for an animal not yet born (like the pick of the litter).  Under those special circumstances, the deposit is nontransferable after the baby reaches four weeks of age.  Animals that have already been born without having been reserved first are best sold within a specific range of time, and so it is important for us to know you are interested in an animal seriously enough to put down a considerable percentage.  After the deposit has cleared, you are required to have the full balance paid by the time your chosen baby is 8 weeks old.

​  If you would like to be placed on a waiting list for a puppy or kitten with particular attributes, please contact us and we will put you on a notification list free of charge and let you when an animal is born with those attributes.  You do NOT have to place any deposit to be notified, but
NO BABY WILL BE RESERVED WITHOUT A DEPOSIT.  You may also place a deposit after someone has placed one for first choice to be guaranteed second choice or third choice depending on how many deposits have been placed ahead of you.  Only a few of these special “prebirth” deposits will be taken for choice.  ALL pre birth deposits for litters ARE transferrable (but non refundable) up to four weeks after a litter is born to allow you time to make a comfortable decision on which baby you really want!  If none of them catch your eye, you may wait until another litter! 

If you are taking a kitten as a breeder, the deposit is $500 and is also transferrable but nonrefundable. If full balances cannot be paid by their deadlines, we will return all payments you may have made (except for the deposit, which is nonrefundable) and consider the animal available for purchase to another buyer unless we work out a special payment arrangement that may involve a boarding fee.

Payments are accepted using Paypal via the buttons on the website, personal check, money order, in-person credit card payment and cash.  Written commitment (email) will hold your choice for 48 hours if you choose to send an overnight payment via postal mail.  Please contact me at summersrareearth@aol.com for payment information or assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship?

Yes! Shipping is available for $350 to ANYwhere in the continental United States and includes the cost of a crate, airfare, insurance, veterinary exam, and a health certificate (required by the airline).

Why do you vaccinate your puppies but no longer vaccinate your Bengal kittens?

The most current research, as well as current breeder experience (including ours), is that kittens who will be
living their lives exclusively indoors without exposure to unvaccinated feral cats are typically healthier than many vaccinated kittens and that vaccines for indoor cats are simply unnecessary. Vaccines can cause cancers, seizures, thymus dysfunction, immune stress, and many other harmful effects. We are NOT "cutting corners" by discontinuing vaccination, as doing vaccines here at the ranch was a very minimal cost ($3 per vaccine per kitten) and we have discontinued solely for the health benefits we now personally have seen from forgoing vaccinations. The ONLY vaccine we recommend is the rabies vaccination (as it is the law in most areas). Please visit the highly informative link below for more information on how vaccination is NOT beneficial for your cat (created by Terra Sinclair of Pocket Leopards bengals):


Puppies, on the other hand, do not seem to have nearly the negative health issues that are correlated with vaccines and are much more likely to spend lots of time outside. Distemper and ESPECIALLY parvovirus is a serious concern and parvovirus in particular is hardy - unlike cat viruses, parvovirus can be tracked in on your shoes! So as soon as the puppies are weaned from mom around 6 weeks of age, we give the first combo shot (DHPPv) to ensure protection. For puppies, the BENEFITS outweigh the RISKS; for kittens, this really does not seem to be the case. If you wish to vaccinate your kitten, we recommend waiting as long as possible.

Why are your Bengal kittens so expensive? I see many kittens listed elsewhere for cheaper.

Our kittens are produced in very small quantities, bred from pedigreed, top-of-the-line stock, given considerable amounts of individual attention, and guaranteed for congenital health. In addition, all cats and kittens are fed only raw food (whole rabbits and chickens)
costing us upwards of $500 per MONTH.
Considering all expenses and the number of hours spent cleaning cat rooms/litter boxes, supervising matings/parturition, making the raw diet and feeding it to all cats two to three times per day, socializing kittens, taking and posting kitten pictures, making veterinary trips, and speaking to potential customers,
the "profit" we make on our Bengal hobby comes out to just around federal minimum wage (we have run the numbers). We truly love the breed and enjoy building our lives around its husbandry. In addition, we GUARANTEE your kitten's congenital health and work very closely with you AFTER you take your kitten home to ensure your satisfaction and support (please see our Facebook page for evidence of many satisfied customers over the years!). You get what you pay for: beauty, health, sound lineage, and above all, peace of mind.

When may I pick up my new baby?

    We prefer kittens to go no earlier than 10-12 weeks and puppies no earlier than 6-8 weeks.  This is to ensure the babies receive proper socialization and are fully weaned prior to going to their new homes.  We feel this is the earliest they should go but if you are the owner of a cattery or kennel with verifiable experience and wish to take an animal earlier or are taking a pair of animals from the same litter, please contact us for a discussion.

What guarantees do you offer on your animals?

All our animals are GUARANTEED to be in overall general health, free of communicable diseases, and up to date on any shots they should have for their age (puppies only).  ALL babies have a ONE YEAR GUARANTEE against congenital and/or breed-specific defects. More specifically, kittens are GUARANTEED to be feline leukemia negative, dewormed, and PK deficiency N/N or N/K (carriers of PK are not affected by ANY symptoms of PKD but should not be breeders if their intended partner is also a carrier); puppies are GUARANTEED to be MDR1 N/N or N/A (carriers but not affected), unaffected by all congenital eye problems including Collie Eye Anomaly, PRA-prcd, hereditary cataracts, and myelopathy; free of distemper, parvo, and kennel cough and are dewormed.  Almost always, kittens and puppies require booster shots and further deworming after they go home with you and these items are YOUR responsibility.  If your veterinarian detects a serious health problem within 72 hours of receipt, we will exchange the kitten or puppy.   We do NOT guarantee that animals purchased for breeding purposes will breed – we only guarantee that their reproductive equipment has been left intact.  We also offer extended protection against early onset (i.e., genetic) HCM for the Bengals and deafness/blindness for the Aussies.
What if I want to purchase more than one baby from you?

        If you are looking to take a pair of puppies or kittens or even one of each and are NOT interested in breeding rights, you will be given a discount – please contact us if this scenario applies to you so we can discuss your discount.  In addition, pairs of puppies or kittens will ship for the same price as one!
Can I meet the puppy’s or kitten’s parents?

    Of course - IF you have ALREADY put down a deposit and have made arrangements with us in advance.  We have fairly busy schedules and prefer not to risk the health and well-being of our animals, some of them fragile exotics, to the heavy traffic of people who just want to “shop around." Every visit to our home increases the transmission risk of parvovirus in particular to our dogs and foxes; therefore, we prefer to limit our visitors to guaranteed buyers. The goal of the website is to offer a comprehensive guide providing plenty of information and photos to help you make an educated decision without having to first pay a visit.  We will not be giving extended “tours” under any circumstances.  If you come to our home with the desire to meet the parents of your puppy or kitten, those are the animals you will be seeing.  We also ask that you do not bring ANY young children with you and that you limit your party to two individuals to reduce the chances of stressing our breeders.  If you are adamant that your child "select" his or her kitten or puppy, we ask that a deposit be placed before your child comes to see the babies. We appreciate your understanding on this matter.
What are your prices for your animals, and how do you come up with a price for them?

Brown/Green-eyed Tricolor Puppies - $900 - $1200
Blue-eyed Tricolor Puppies - $2500 - $3000
Merle puppies, any eye color - $1500 - $2500

Price range depends on anticipated mature size. PUPPIES WILL NOT BE OFFICIALLY PRICED UNTIL 5-6 WEEKS OF AGE AND WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CHANGE THE PRICE AT ANY TIME UNTIL WE HAVE MADE AN OFFICIAL PRICE. Shipping for any puppy to anywhere in the continental US is an additional $350 and covers the cost of a brand new crate, the airfare, and a health and sales certificate (required by the state of Florida).  All puppies will have their tails docked and their dewclaws removed, will have been dewormed several times, will have been given at least their first round of DHPPV vaccine, often two rounds, and will arrive with ASDR paperwork. 
2018 PET PRICES FOR BENGAL KITTENSBrown Rosetted Kittens - $1200 - $1500
Snow/Silver Rosetted Kittens - $1400 - $1800
Marbled Kittens, any color - $900 - $1200
Breeding Rights - $1500 additional

Price range depends on how well the bengal’s markings conform to the breed standard. Exceptionally well-marked kittens may be priced higher and reasons for their higher price will be explained in their descriptions. If you want breeding rights with your kitten, expect to pay $1500 additional. 

Are you USDA Licensed?

No.  As we do not breed more than four female dogs and cats combined in any given year, we are not required to be licensed with the USDA.  When a breeder advertises that he or she is USDA licensed, he or she is typically running a large kennel or cattery and producing enough offspring to be able to comfortably depend on the profits of those offspring to support their lifestyles.  We each have careers outside of our animal husbandry projects and use most of the money made from our babies to care for our animals instead of ourselves.  We are not "backyard" breeders but responsible hobby breeders that enjoy these two breeds immensely and perform all genetic testing necessary to ensure healthy, beautiful babies.


Prices, Purchasing Policies, and FAQs