RareEarth Fallen Star


Calcifer is the heart of our Bengal program for 2018, an undeniably stunning seal mink snow stud produced here out of Exodus and Danielle (retired).  He has an incredible disposition, is PK N/N, and is a proven producer of gorgeous and healthy brown, silver, and snow kittens.  He will be bred to our young queen silver snow-factored Siobhan in Spring 2018 and with our new addition Serafina in Fall 2018. ​​


This gorgeous brown rosetted boy carries for snow and produces stunning kittens with large, flashy rosettes.  He is a very well-tempered cat that loves dogs and human attention.  Exodus will be our backup stud through 2019, likely siring one, maybe two, litters each with Siobhan, Aqua, and Serafina, and then he will be retired!  

Our Breeder Bengal Cats

Our Bengal program is much like our toy Aussie program - intimate yet exquisite.  We have two studs and two ladies kept in two large outdoor pens as pairs during breeding.  The queens deliver and raise their litters in the house.  We specialize in ALL colors recognized by TICA - brown, silver, and snow - and ALL cats are TICA registered and guaranteed PK unaffected (clear or carrier status). Please contact for a copy of our contract.

Aqua Leuca 

Aqua is a lynx snow rosetted female who produces SPECTACULAR lynx and mink snow kittens with Calcifer and Exodus. She is a quiet girl with awesome sky blue eyes and is PK N/N.  Her winter litter with Calcifer sold FAST and her next litter with Exodus is expected end of April 2018.


Siobhan (pronounced Shi-VAWN) is a beautiful silver rosetted girl born here in 2017. Her first litter is expected in Spring 2018 and all colors are possible - snow, silver, and brown. She has a wonderful dog-like personality to complement her very flashy pattern with minimal tarnish.  If you are looking for a rare-colored Bengal, Siobhan is your girl! ​​